How do I sync downloaded videos to my iPad or iPod? ( iTunes 11.x)

NOTE: This procedure is demonstrated on a PC, but the Mac workflow is identical.

1) Connect the iDevice to your Mac or PC computer, and make certain that the device is recognized within iTunes. You can tell when the iDevice is recognized, when the button shown below appears.

Connection issues between the iDevice and the iTunes host are beyond the scope of this AEA digital Library article, but direct support from Apple is available HERE.

2) Select the "Movies" folder in the iTunes Library. Video content contained in this folder will be synced to your iDevice.

3) Next, locate the video file you downloaded from the AEA Digital Library and drag it into the iTunes "Movies" folder.

4) After a brief moment, the clip you dragged into the iTunes "Movies" folder will appear.

5) Finally, you must perform the actual sync between iTunes and the iDevice. This is accomplished by first selecting the "iPad" button.

6) Then clicking the "Sync" button

6) To confirm the successful transfer of the video file to your iDevice, navigate to your iDevice's "Videos" folder...

7) ...and confirm the desired file is there.

8) To view the transferred video, navigate to your iDevice's "Videos" folder and touch on the desired video. For detailed instructions on how to view a video on an iDevice, click HERE.

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